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2009 Academy of Western Artist Music Nominees

2009 Academy of Western Artists Music Nominees
Below are the final five nominees in Western Music, Western Swing Music and Pure Country Music। Sources for the final nominees came from many areas, each familiar with that music form. Every attempt was made to verify the dates of the material, but because of release dates and other information, it is difficult. The final winners will be announced September 22, 2009 at the Granville Theater in Garland, Texas at the 14th Annual Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers Awards. If you would like to attend the awards, tickets अरे $25 each. Group rates and special discounts for senior citizens and religious groups. This is a tremendous show, one you and your friends will really enjoy, contact for more information and to order tickets

Bill Barwick, Daron Little, Gary Pratt, Dave Stamey, Ian Tyson
Eli Barsi, Stephanie Davis, Devon Dawson, Belinda Gail, Jean Prescott
Judy Coder, Karen Gogolick, Carin Mari Lechner, Janet McBride, Gary McMahan
Journey West
Rocking HW
Flying J Wranglers
Diamond W व्रंग्लेर्स

Western Music-Album
Eli Barsi-Tribute To Wilf Carter
Ray Doyle-The Emigrant Trail
Liz Masterson-Roads to Colorado
Journey West-Driftin' West
Keeter Stuart-Ghost Riders, Searchers & कोव्पोकेस

Western Music Song-
Bob Davidson-Western Sky
Rick Pickren-The Call
Dave Stamey-Cowboy Moon
Barry Ward-Whispers Of The West
Diamond W Wranglers-Trail दुस्त

Western Swing Final Five 2009
John England, Jake Hooker, Billy Mata, Jody Nix, Curtis Potter
Mary Allen, Kelli Grant, Carolyn Martin, Dottie Jack, Pamela (Pinto Pammy) Forman
Bob Baker, Buddy Emmons, Buddy Hrabel, Dicky Overby, Reggie Rueffer
Brady Bowen and Swing Country
John England and the Western Swingers
Jake Hooker and the Outsiders
Saddle कैट्स

Western Swing-Album
Brady Bowen-In My Spare Time #5
John England-Open That Gate
Dennis Ivey-Something Old, Nothing New
Billy Mata-This Is Tommy Duncan
River Road Boys-Don't Ever Take My Picture डाउन

Western Swing-Song
Mary Allen-Let's's Make Music In The Country
Chuck Cusimano-My Last Word To You
Tommy Hannum-Old Town
Billy Mata-Stay All Night
Gaylynn Robinson-Call Back My Heart Texas मून

Pure Country
Tony Booth, Darrell McCall, Frankie Miller, Rance Norton, Justin Trevino
Jade Cienega, Leighan Cortes, Amber Digby, Kimberly Murray, Heather Myles
Country Night Live
Landon Dodd-DanceHall Drifters
Miles of टैक्सस

Pure Country Album
Mickey Clark-Winding Highways
Amber Digby-Passion, Pride & What Might Have Been
Bobby Flores-Eleven Roses
Rance Norton-True Country
Justin Trevino-Take One As Needed For पैन

Pure Country Song
Tony Booth-Is This All There Is To Honky Tonk?
Bobby Flores-Double Life
Tommy Hooker-Blue Smoke
Kimberly Murray/Jake Hooker-Living And Learning
Rance Norton/Johnny Bush-Pop Atop

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